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Writing a Review for The View at Mill Run

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When was the last time you read an online review before you made a major purchase, made a reservation at a fancy restaurant, or signed up for a professional service based in Owings Mills? Online reviews have become a useful tool for consumers to check things out before making a commitment. But what makes a review helpful? Today The View at Mill Run Blog answers that question with info about the importance of reviews and tips about how to write an effective apartment review for our Maryland apartment community.


Why Write Reviews

Reviews benefit all parties involved: they give the writer a place to voice their experiences, they communicate to property management how residents feel about their communities and services, and they help prospective renters get a feel for what an apartment community is really like in person. Contribute to the conversation, however you feel about your experience has been, so you can help searchers see that the apartment community is, in fact, real and reliable.


Tips for Writing Reviews

  • Not everyone has the same experience, and this is a good thing to indicate in your review with phrases like, “in my experience” or “this was my experience” to indicate this. Also, keep in mind that what is a top priority for you may not be on your neighbor’s top ten list.

  • Being objective about the location, buildings, amenities, neighbors and other factors never hurt for a review. Most people will appreciate the information.  

  • Be balanced in your review. Stick to the facts. Strive to be specific, detailed, and objective. Present your experience as clearly and concisely as you can.

  • Refrain from name-calling and vitriolic language in your review. Removing the emotion and sticking to the facts, give your review more credence to the reader. It is also more likely to receive a response offering a win/win solution.

  • Take care when you are writing to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Sloppy writing devalues what you are saying, even if your point is valid. For example, even if you feel strongly about something, using one exclamation mark is sufficient.

We invite members of our apartment community to submit a review for The Mill at Run. Having up-to-date feedback is helpful for everyone! Next time our blog post will focus on how to effectively evaluate online reviews. Thanks for taking time to read our blog post today.