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Staying Warm in the Winter

two people sitting in front of a fire with their feet showing in festive socks

January is always one of the coldest months of the year here in Owings Mills, MD. The ground is frozen solid and the air is even colder. You may be tempted to never leave your comfy bed in your apartment at The View at Mill Run, but unfortunately, that’s just not practical. So how do you keep nice and toasty when it’s frigid outside? Try out these tips and you’ll be cozy in no time.

Warm yourself first.

It’s eco-friendly, it saves you money, and it’s more practical. Rather than trying to heat up a whole room, heat up your own body. Put on an extra layer of clothing, try out your coziest socks, or maybe try out a hot bath. Getting your own body temperature up to where it needs to be will go a long way. Additionally, when you go outside, make sure you have a hat and gloves. Having more exposed skin than necessary will drastically drop your body temperature.

Turn on your ceiling fan.

This may seem counterintuitive, but the fan can do more than just cool you down in the summer. Heat rises, which means it’s going to be up by your ceiling fan. Turning it on will circulate the warm air and push it down towards you. If the breeze from the fan is too chilly for you, step into a different room for a bit while you let your fan run.

Block any potential drafts.

Whether they’re coming from the front door or any windows around your apartment, you’re definitely going to want to be sure to block drafts. Unfortunately, any place you live is going to have cold air leaking in from somewhere in the winter, but if you notice any particularly bad drafts, they’re easy to fix with a pool noodle. Cut it up to the right size, slice it down the middle like a hot dog bun, and place it over the door or window where the draft is coming from. It will make a huge difference if you are able to better retain the heat in your apartment.

How do you stay warm in the winter? Do you have tips to share with your friends at The View at Mill Run? Be sure to comment them below. Have a warm January!