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Pool Fun at The View at Mill Run

The View at Mill Run Blog, Owings Mills, MD   Summer swimming parties just got a boost with our cool pool party games  and don't forget pool safety!

Owings Mills in the summertime can get warm, and what better place to cool down than at the pool? In addition to cooling down, the pool is a great place to get together with friends from our apartment community to hang out and have some good, old-fashioned fun. In today’s The View at Mill Run Blog post, we’ve got some pool game ideas to get you started, but first some reminders about pool safety.


Pool Safety


Always swim with a buddy. Solo swimming can be relaxing, but accidents can happen, and it’s best if someone is with you.


Shower before entering the pool. Not only is this a courtesy (no one needs your sweat in the pool) but it’s about safety, as well. Washing before entering the pool reduces the spread of bacteria.


Walk along the pool deck — never run. The water causes surfaces to become slippery and accidents are more likely to happen.


Swimming Pool Games


Noodle Jousting

Swimmers, mount your noodle and prepare for noble combat upon the jousting field, err, pool, yes, pool. Reminiscent of the medieval joust, Noodle Jousting takes place in the pool with combatants, facing each other, trying to unhorse their opponent. The last remaining Noodle Knight is crowned Noodle King of the Pool.


Sharks and Minnows

One person is designated the “shark” while the other players are the “minnows.” The shark waits in the middle of the pool. As the minnows swim across the pool, the shark tries to catch as many minnows as possible. Once a minnow is caught it becomes a shark. The last minnow to be caught will be the shark in the next round.


Invisible Treasure

Remove the label from an empty two-liter plastic bottle and fill it with pool water. Swimmers line up along the pool deck (with their backs to the pool). The referee tosses the water-filled bottle into the pool. When the players hear the splash, they can turn around, jump into the water, and try to find the bottle. It’s harder than it may seem because the clear bottle is nearly invisible in the moving water.


What are your favorite pool games? Maryland summers can get warm, what are your best ideas for cooling down outside of the pool? Please share in the comments; we’re always looking for new ideas. Thanks for reading today’s blog.