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Let's Clean, Except on National No Housework Day


The View at Mill Run Blog, Owings Mills, MD  Make a goal for keeping a home for everything with everything in its place to organize your apartment. Learn how today.


Spring is in full swing here in Maryland, and The View at Mill Run is excited to bring members of our apartment community another helpful blog post. April 7th is National No Housework Day, so we propose that everyone takes that day off from doing any sort of housework! But we do have some tips for finishing up that spring cleaning and organizing you may be working on. It truly does help to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. So let’s get things sorted, organized, and put in their places.


Organizing Made Easy


Sometimes less is more, especially when your apartment storage areas are flowing over. Let’s start with a sorting project. Start small with a drawer, a cupboard, or go for broke and do a whole room, but use the same principle whichever you choose. Designate three sorting piles: keep, give away, and throw away. (The give away and throw away piles will help you end up with things you really want and need.) As you are sorting, ask yourself Do I really need it? Do I really love it? Your emotional response will let you know if you can get rid it. If you have duplicate items, chances are you can part with one of them. Have you used the item in the last few months? The last year? Decade? If not, it may be time to say bye-bye.


After you have sorted and before you put items back, take time to clean the drawer, cupboard, or closet the items came from. And clean the items, if needed, before you put them away. Throw away the items you are discarding immediately, so you don’t have time to second-guess your decision, and put the items you are donating directly into the car to be dropped off at their new homes.


Use containers and labels to finish up your organization project. Having appropriate containers can make a huge difference in creating homes for items, so as you are sorting, put like things together that could be stored together.


Now that everything is clean and organized, you’d better eat out at one of Owings Mills finest restaurants — you don’t want to mess up the kitchen, right?


What are some of your favorite spring cleaning and organizing tips? Share them with us in the comments!