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Feeling the Love Celebrating Valentine's Day

The View at Mill Run Blog, Owings Mills, MD   Bring love to your life and to your loved ones' lives by trying these ideas for how to show love.

Chocolates, flowers, and cards are the hallmarks of Valentine’s Day, coming up this month, but they aren’t the only way to make the day special — love isn’t limited to just those you love romantically. This month is a perfect time to make an extra effort or two to show love, compassion, and consideration to strangers, friends, coworkers, and people close to you here in Owings Mills, MD. Today, The View at Mill Run Blog has ideas for simple ways you can show love to anyone in our apartment community and beyond.


Acts of Service: Take a Load Off Their Shoulders.

Find a way you can ease a burden of someone’s this month, whether they’re close to you or not. That may mean treating a friend to dinner so they don’t have to make it themselves, doing the dishes before your significant other asks, or paying it forward to a stranger. Do something and they will notice and appreciate it.


Write it.

If you’re more comfortable with the written word than coming up with something on the spot, make a clever DIY Valentine’s Day card and write a note of love, care, and thanks on the inside. You also won’t have to feel too self-conscious giving a card since this is the time for doing so! It’s a seasonal favorite, so it’s a good way to take advantage of Valentine’s Day, whether you have a significant other or not.


Receiving Gifts: Make or Buy Something for Them.

Gifts don’t have to be extravagant for people to appreciate them. Think of something your loved one has expressed that they want or need and see if you can get it for them. A surprise can make it especially meaningful.


Quality Time: Make Plans with Them.

Make your gift one of quality time they can enjoy with you by setting aside time to do something with them. Show that you value their time by planning it out and doing something special, or just relaxing together.


We hope that however you celebrate this holiday that you will feel an increase of love! Thanks for taking time to read our blog post today.


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